Bibi Herron is the creative talent and founder behind Bibi Herron the brand. The production of Luxury Scarves & the creation of British design are what she is passionate about. Specialising in outstanding and unusual print design, she takes a nostalgic approach to her work,  finding her inspiration in the exploration of  bygone eras. With an experienced background in the Luxury Print design industry & inspired by History of Art & Design she merges the two  in every collection.


For her 1st collection the 60’s & 70’s here in England and on the Continent has been her main inspiration. The vibrancy of fashionable destinations of the day such as the Amalfi coast coupled with avant-garde ideas of the time and twists on traditional design patterns have been the key themes. In every piece Bibi has worked her signature monogram into the design making it an integral element of the brand.




All Bibi Herron silk scarves have been individually created through both a combination of her own hand drawings, her archived photograph collection and digital manipulation. After the design process is completed at Bibi’s studio the designs are sent to our factory in Lake Como, Italy, where the silk scarves are ethically printed and hand finished. With over 80 years of silk printing experience and the finest textile craftsmanship the final product is always exemplary.